Your Choice of Entertainment plays major role in providing your guests with a memorable and fun time !
Close-up magic performed at the table.
This is a specialized branch of magical entertainment with 100% audience participation.


Mr Majestic is constantly booked for weddings all over the country because of his fast pace and his unique blend of close up magic, and tongue in cheek comedy.

He will amaze your guests with his close-up magic whilst you and your partner are taken away for the all-important wedding photos, or throughout the dinner between the courses.

Mr Majestic can also keep your little guests quiet and entertained during the speeches with Magic tricks, Puppets and Balloon Modelling.


Mark a landmark anniversary with a party that will unite family and friends to celebrate the special couple’s enduring love.

If you’re looking for ideas to polish your event, having a clean cut magician entertaining your guests as they’re waiting between dinner courses is a fun and unique way to round off your big day.

Laughter, gasps of amazement and clapping. These are the sounds you will hear from you guests. They will see reality bent and called into question. Impossible effects happen right before their eyes. They will feel stunning magic happen right inside of their own hands! And that’s before we even begin with psychological magic.

Mister Majestic can also go on after the buffet and perform his award winning cabaret show, followed by a county disco.



Throw a birthday party your guests will remember long after the candles have been blown out!

We have birthday party entertainment for hire to suit the unique style of every birthday boy or girl. 18th, 21st, 60th or any age!

Birthday magicians are the perfect Icebreakers and a great way to get birthday party.Mingling with your guests as they drink their beers/wines with amazing magic is a touch to make your party complete


Our amazing magicians will have Children pondering ‘how did they do that?’ long after the party’s over. With their mesmerizing tricks, costumes and props kids will be dumb-founded and awe-struck while mums and dads will get to enjoy a nice break! It’s no trick, hiring a magician will make your child’s party a magical experience with party games and music.
Mr. Majestic performs specially designed magic shows for children that are fun and easy to understand.They appeal to any child aged from 4 years to teenagers.

Mr. Majestic encourages the party guests to help him perform the tricks, including them in the whole magic experience.


Being in charge of planning the entertainment for a corporate event is a big responsibility. Booking the right acts and party products can make the difference between your guests talking about ‘a night to remember’ or a night they’d rather forget.

A magician at a Corporate Event is a fast track way to ensure that your event gets off to a stormer.

Mr Majestic can instantly create a fun atmosphere in a room and delivers mind-blowing magic that will be the talk of your guests for the next week! Mr Majestic can perform close up tricks as a walk around act.


you will be amazed by mentalist, ventriloquists, sleight of hand magic, and many more fascinating illusions.

An evening at the Cabaret of Magic will be the most memorable experience.


Planning a big event for your business like a new product launch or even a new store launch?

Wow your clients and customers with entertainers who know how to work the crowd and get people excited about your brand.Hire Mr. Majestic to keep guests mingling and networking.


You want a trade show magician who knows how to draw crowds and excitement to your booth.The magician must be able to communicate key messages to the audience and then be able to transition quality leads to your sales team.

You want a magician for your trade show who is a professional with years of experience who can deliver results that you can “take back to the office” with pride.


Planning a corporate exhibition, trade show or marketing event?

Make your mark by incorporating some inviting and energetic entertainment into your show.

Exhibits with flare and panache always draw more attention and build better lead generation than those with no entertainment or hospitality.

Make your exhibit a success – hire Mr. Majestic magician to draw attention to your event, keep people engaged with your message and generate some sales.


A successful dinner is about more than fine food and good wine, it’s not just about the great company, though all those things are important. A good dinner should be remembered for what made it different and so often that can be the entertainment.

Mr. Majestic is a fine after dinner treat, Certainly one of the best Comedy Magicians in the island of Ireland at the moment and the choice of hundreds every year to make their event a little bit special